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Store Directions

Von's is located at 317 West State Street in West Lafayette, Indiana.  We are in Chauncey Village, the traditional "downtown" of West Lafayette, one block east of Purdue University. 

Directions to our store:
From the north via I-65 or Ind 43 North: If you're taking I-65, exit at #178 - Indiana 43. Turn south (right) toward West Lafayette.  Once in town, turn right at State St - Indiana 26 (McDonald's on your right). Go up the hill, and as the street becomes one-way immediately get in the left lane at the light. A few feet after the light, turn left into our lot.

From the west via US 52/US 231: When 52 splits from 231/Northwestern at the edge of town, stay left to remain on 52.  Go a little more than a mile to the State Rd. 443/Happy Hollow/Soldiers Home Rd. exit.  Continue straight, staying on 443/Happy Hollow until it ends at State Rd. 43 at the bottom of the hill.  Turn right, go a short distance to State Rd. 26/State St.  Turn right, go up the hill and turn left into our lot just after the light at the top of the hill. 

From Ind 26 West:  Drive through the Purdue campus and stay on 26 as it jogs right and then left onto Wood.  Stay on 26 - Wood St., turn left at Chauncey, following the "26" signs.  Once on Chauncey, stay to your left and turn left back onto State, then left again into our lot.
Sounds confusing, but all you're doing is taking State as far as you can until it turns one-way in the wrong direction, so you have to drive around the block and approach us from the other direction.  Whew.
From US 231 South:  Easy.  Just take 231 to State St.-Ind 26.  Turn left, go up the hill, and turn left into our lot at the top of the hill just after the light.

From Ind 26 East via Downtown Lafayette: Once you're downtown on Columbia St.- 26 westbound you've got it made.  Just follow 26 across the bridge and then up the hill.  At the top of the hill, you should be in the far-left lane because you'll turn into our lot a few feet after the light.
From the south via I-65:  Exit at #172/Indiana 26.  Then just follow the signs to stay on 26 as you cross Lafayette. When you get downtown, follow the directions just above.

To get back home:  After you're done looking over our amazing store, we will be happy to give you directions back home, depending on your attitude.
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